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Hair loss: the great equalizer

The entire population suffers from hair loss. Hair loss does not differentiate. All ages, ethnic groups, and genders experience hair loss. After all, hair is a very complex organ, the hair cycle is ever-rotating, the hair shaft is constantly changing, and the hair follicle is a resourceful factory. These are the basics of hair. Hair is very intuitive and closely tied to many chemical and physiological pathways in addition to being highly sensitive to internal and external stressors and primarily controlled by genetics.

You have a choice

We know you have questions on your mind. What is causing this hair loss? Can genetics be overcome? What are the most suitable hair loss solutions? What are the recommended hair restoration solutions? At Springs Hair Restoration were here to identify the causes and find the best cutting-edge science and treatment options that work for you. Forget about stigma. Make the choice and regain your confidence.

We made a choice

We chose to provide you with results that improve your hair health. Our commitment is real. This is why we have a dedicated one-of-a-kind unit at Springs Hair Restoration. Our practice is more than an offshoot of Springs Dermatology MD. We are exclusively devoted to all aspects of your hair, both medical and cosmetic. We stand out in our years of experience in hair anatomy amassed from Dermatopathology, boundless experience with hair and scalp diseases, decades of adapting alongside the evolution of testing, and countless cases of hands-on treatments in dermatology. This makes Springs Hair Restoration the favorite choice for non-surgical hair restoration, surgical hair restoration, hair loss treatments, and professional hair health advice in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta.

Our Patients Are Happy
& This is What  They're Saying

Our Patients Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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