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Get a  $6999 FUE Hair Transplant + FREE Consultation

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Get a  $6999 FUE Hair Transplant + FREE Consultation
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Isdin Lambdapil

Need better volume, nourishment, and hair regrowth? Isdin Lambdapil Hair Density Shampoo and Lotion are the ideal duo for all that! Isdin Lambdaphil Hair Density Shampoo is beneficial in promoting thicker, more full-looking hair. Great for men and women of all hair types, this conditioning shampoo provides volume, helps to support growth, and controls oil.

Hush & Hush

Keen to have an effective hair growth supplement with key ingredients that block the causes of hair thinning and shedding? DeeplyRooted by Hush & Hush is clinically proven to do that! DeeplyRooted contains multiple vitamins to encourage the growth of thicker, longer, stronger, and more voluminous hair.


Want to promote hair growth from within your hair follicles by providing nourishment in 4 stages? Look no further than Viviscal, a daily hair supplement. With Viviscal many patients see thicker hair within 3 months.


On a quest to target hair thinning causes including stress, the environment, and nutrition? Nutrafol targets these causes with natural ingredients that support hair growth and give you thicker, stronger hair.

Toppik Hair Fibers

Dreaming of hair fibers that are nearly identical to human hair and are made of the highest grade of keratin? Toppik fibers are exactly that! They blend in with your hair very naturally and bind undetectably to reduce the appearance of thinner areas.

Capillus Hair Cap

Looking to encourage hair regrowth while preventing hair loss progression? This FDA-cleared treatment accomplishes both! With the Capillus Hair Cap, in only 6 minutes a day, you can energize, stimulate, and renew your hair follicles for thicker, stronger hair.

neuBrow / neuLash

Excited to say goodbye to sparse brows and eyelashes? With neuBrow and neuLash, its totally possible! Nourish, sooth, and moisturize to promote fuller, healthier natural brows and lashes in 30 days!


Desire fuller and lengthier lashes? Latisse is the first FDA approved treatment to grow thicker, longer eyelashes.

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