About Us

We are a very unique ultra-specialized hair restoration practice, our background is dermatology both medical and advanced options with you and we are very excited to concise years of experience into a fully dedicated medical and surgical practice at Springs Hair Restoration.

This marriage between dermatology and hair restoration is natural but unique. With years of experience as experts in managing and restoring hair loss, we've witnessed numerous scientific and technological revolutions. We can’t wait to share our most exciting hair transplant and non-surgical treatment innovations with you.

Navigating hair restoration can feel overwhelming, but Springs Hair Restoration is here for you at every stage. From the initial consultation to post-treatment care, we're committed to helping you regain your hair with confidence.

Our team lead by Dr Zack Charkawi is dedicated to guiding you towards the best outcome possible. Dr Charkawi has been practicing medicine for 20 years and he has specialized in procedural medicine since. His approach to hair loss and restoration is unique and personalized. His passion for hair restoration has been enforced by the immense impact hair restoration has had on his patient’s self-esteem and confidence level. He is caring and thorough and he will not leave a question or concern unanswered. Dr Charkawi has innovated new techniques for painless procedures, he spear heads the hair transplant surgical department at Springs Hair Restoration and his area of expertise is male pattern hair loss or Androgentic Alopecia.

Dr. Shereen Timani is a Board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist. Her interest in hair started with the detailed study of the anatomy and physiology of hair follicles accompanied by research in differentiated cells. Dr Shereen Timani leads the medical department at Springs Hair Restoration. Her passion includes diagnosing and treating all forms of hair loss with particular emphasis on hair loss in females and patients of skin of color.

Looking for caring hair restoration experts who prioritize your needs? Want professionals who listen, guide, and deliver results? Springs Hair Restoration provides FUT and FUE hair transplant, along with non-surgical treatment services, in Sandy Springs and across Greater Atlanta, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We offer COMPLIMENTARY Hair Transplant CONSULTATION at both of our locations at Johns Creek Dermatology and Springs Hair Restoration