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Hair loss in women is not uncommon and it can be a massive blow to self-confidence since hair is considered a hallmark of beauty. Short or long, natural or styled, your hair expresses your personality and is a fashion statement too. Hormones, pregnancy (postpartum hair loss), stress, and genetics are major contributors to hair shedding. But you dont need to accept female pattern hair loss or to struggle with the psychological impact of hair thinning in women. You're not forgotten and you have many choices for the best treatments for hair loss in women at Springs Hair Restoration.

Look good and feel fabulous!

Is your hair part wider? Is your scalp visible? Your crown thin? Are you actively shedding? Are your eyebrows and eyelashes becoming sparse? Or do the corners of the edges of your hairline only have fuzzy hair left? Then we understand what youre going through regardless of which type of female hair loss youre experiencing. Your hair is important and at Springs Hair Restoration we want to protect it and to ensure you look good and feel fabulous.

Make it happen

At Springs Hair Restoration all forms of hair loss in women are our expertise: nonscarring or scarring, inflammatory or noninflammatory, genetic or not. Our approach is very meticulous, combining many tests with an array of medical treatments and adjunct procedures to stop the shedding first and then to regrow the hair. Surgical hair restoration can also be a solution for some women in certain cases. Together we can make it happen! The best treatments for hair loss in women and hair restoration for women in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta are here. 

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Our Patients Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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