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Do these concerns sound familiar: I am tired of my balding crown,” “my hair is dark and coarse and I used to be able to cover the top but now I cant,” “my the hairline is another story,” or I was told that my hair is special and I don't have options”?

A hair transplant is an answer for many African Americans and people of color! Especially since you are fortunate: your hairline is so well defined that recreating that hairline is surgically and technically highly successful. So, you are actually at an advantage, even if your hair is coarse and curly! The results of hair loss treatment, Afro hair transplants, ethnic hair transplants, and ethnic hair restoration can be impressive at Springs Hair Restoration in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. We have the right team, appropriate techniques, and an in-depth understanding of the structure and orientation of your hair follicles.

We know whats troubling you…

My sister has the same exact problem, so is this genetic?

This might be the case, or maybe your sister has a history of chronic physical damage. Maybe her hair required special styling and care throughout her life. However, the good news is that there are many medical and surgical options for genetic and non-genetic hair loss.

Can I prevent hair loss? And if I already have hair loss, is there something I can do?

If diagnosed early we can prevent your hairline from thinning and can avoid shiny crowns. If diagnosed late, a surgical transplant may be an option and it can be life-changing. 

You mean no more hair pieces? Fewer trips to the hair salon? Natural hair?

Yes! Springs Hair Restoration offers the best hair loss, hair growth, and hair restoration treatments for people of African, Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern descent in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. 

Our Patients Are Happy
& This is What  They're Saying

Our Patients Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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