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Scar Revision

Scars? Not a problem. Not a concern.

Scars can be immensely frustrating and upsetting to hair transplant patients, especially if you like to wear your hair short. Scars can be painful too. At Springs Hair Restoration in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta we have many options for these scars including topicals, injections, and surgical modalities. A scar, especially from a previous transplant, can be re-excised and treated postoperatively with preventive treatment.

Did you know that a limited hair transplant can be so gratifying? And did you know that its a myth that scars cannot be transplanted? If the scar is prepped well, we can insert hair follicles into the area. Follicular unit extractions are ideal for this.

Scars are very common on the scalp. They can naturally occur after a disease or infection and can also be caused by a surgical intervention such as an excision of a skin cancer or a previous hair transplant. This is common with the strip technique for hair transplant.

Skin can heal in many ways and most people heal nicely with limited marks. But some people over-heal and form exaggerated scars. These can be thick and completely hairless and are known as hypertrophic scars. Once they expand beyond the margins of the injury or incision, they are called keloids.

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Our Patients Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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