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Hair facts you need to know

Did you know the hair follicle has three cycles?

The first cycle is called the anagen phase and during anagen the hair follicles are active. Hair in this stage rapidly divides creating new hair growth. Hair shafts and follicles are healthy and thriving and usually, about 80% of follicles are in the anagen phase.

The second phase is telogen. Telogen is a resting stage where new hairs begin to grow beneath hairs that are about to be shed.

Catagen is the third phase and is the end of the cycle for hair follicles. This stage is short and is a transitional phase where hair stops growing, detaches from the plasma supply, and eventually sheds. Hair in telogen and catagen phases is destined to be shed. After being shed new hair comes through the hair follicles. This life cycle occurs at different stages for hair throughout the scalp, which is why we dont routinely lose patches of hair at the same time. However, any condition that affects the proportions of these stages is perceived as hair shedding.

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Our Patients Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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