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Plasma Growth Factors

The fountain of youth for your hair!

Not all Plasma Growth Factors treatments are the same!

Our innovative technique created by our own physician, Zach Charkawi M.D., minimizes pain and any downtime.

Our system is an FDA-approved Double Spin System that extracts maximal number of Growth Factors.

Our system uses FDA-approved tubes, exclusive for Plasma Growth Factors treatments.

Our protocols abide by the strict Sterile Technique, the most appropriate in acute care hospital settings.

Our injections are only performed by a Board-certified Physician who specializes in Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth.

Plasma Growth Factors

Is the Plasma Growth Factors effective for hair loss, hair growth, and hair restoration? Yes! What is the Growth Factors?

Plasma Growth Factors is a natural approach to hair loss that uses growth factors found in your own blood supply to stimulate hair growth. Coined the fountain of youth”, this serum has many aesthetic and medical applications. Plasma Growth Factors promotes hair growth by increasing the blood supply to hair follicles and encouraging hair follicles to extend the duration of the anagen phase, which is the growing phase of the hair cycle.

How is the Plasma Growth Factors collected?

A sample of blood is drawn from the patient and spun in a centrifuge. During this process, the Plasma Growth Factors, which is the growth factor component, is isolated from the whole blood sample. The factors are then injected directly into the area of desired hair growth. Plasma Growth Factors can also be combined with microneedling for increased benefits. 

What is Microneedling with Plasma Growth Factors?

Microneedling is a technique that uses a single hand-held device with numerous tiny needles ranging from 0.25-3 millimeters in length. The microneedling pen is moved gently along the area being treated, creating tiny micro-injuries in the skin. Microneedling alone reduces inflammation, induces stem cell formation, and encourages collagen formation in the skin, which effectively strengthens hair follicles and leads to new hair growth.

At Springs Hair Restoration, we combine and harness the power of Microneedling and Plasma Growth Factors to expedite hair growth. And we provide the best Plasma Growth Factors treatments in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. 

PureSpin Information

Most patients respond favorably to Plasma Growth Factors treatments. They are becoming a standard for the management and care of many forms of hair loss.  

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Our Customers Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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