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The power of science

Is Exosomes effective for hair loss, hair growth, and hair restoration? Yes! 

What is Exomes? What are exosomes and how are they used for hair regrowth?

Exosomes are tiny communication vesicles generated within your diffrentiated cells which give them the ability to regenerate new tissue. When the power of this tiny particle is harnessed for hair regrowth, the results are phenomenal! Why? Because these nano-particles are packed with over 1000 protein growth factors that communicate with hair follicles to stimulate healing, anti-inflammation, and growth. 

What is their mechanism of action and how do they produce results?

Exosomes stimulate dormant hair follicles and shift them to the growth phase. They also generate brand new hair follicles. These exosomes are hyper-concentrated and then injected directly into the area of desired hair growth. This method generally needs 2 to 3 rounds of treatment for optimal results, but the hair growth stimulated per session is generally much greater than certain other treatments. For the best Exosomes in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta, contact Springs Hair Restoration.  

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