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Be yourself

Smooth transition

Everyone wants to look the way they feel on the inside. We totally understand. The transgender community is often overlooked when it comes to hair restoration, but not at Springs Hair Restoration in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. Hair is a key part of every transgender persons transition and we strive to make every transition as smooth as possible.

Feel like "you"

Do you want a more feminine hairline? Or a more masculine hairline? Do you want to thicken and lengthen your hair to appear more feminine? Or would you like to have a more masculine profile with a beard and sideburns? We can make all this happen. You no longer need to rely on hairpieces, wigs, or extensions to feel attractive. Using a combination of non-surgical and surgical options, we will develop a plan together to enhance and transform your hair to make you feel more like you.

You can trust us

At Springs Hair Restoration, we understand that your hair is a defining feature of your transition and we are here to help every step of the way. We approach each patient individually, without judgement, and meet them where they are in their personal journey. We start every consultation with your personal hair goals in mind and work with determination until that goal is achieved. After all, your hair is a critical part of your gender transition. You deserve a smooth transition, and we can achieve it together at Springs Hair Restoration. Contact us for the best transgender hair transplant surgery, MTF & FTM hair restoration, and hair transplant as part of gender realignment in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta.

Our Customers Are Happy
& This is What  They're Saying

Our Customers Are Happy & This is What They're Saying

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